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June Common Thread Giveaway


It’s almost Father’s Day! The perfect time for the perfect giveaway gift. A brand new tee shirt by our own Common Thread artist/writer Rachel Barlow.

The tee shirt, modeled here by Rachel’s very own “Big Guy,” features a coat of arms, drawn by Rachel on the front, and a chivalric code of the Order of the Eternally Missing Sock on the back. The code reads

A Knight of the order shall

 Show Courage when Battling Bills or Backed-up Toilets

(even if the knight can’t tell the difference),

Show Honesty always except when Wisdom is wiser

(as when asked if This Outfit Looks Fat), 

Show Mercy for those using the bathroom next 

(by turning on the fan, Man!),


Have Faith that there will be enough 

mismatches to make at least one

complete pair of socks.

To win this shirt all you have to do is go to Rachel’s site and leave a comment. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on all participating sites on Thursday. The tee  comes in XS-2XL and is available only in white. It is printed by Zazzle.

Visit Rachel’s site and while your at it check out the work of the other participating artists:

Jon Katz

Maria Wulf

Jane McMillen

and me.


And, the winner is…


Congrats to Donna Nicosia winner of Kathleen’s Nohe’s beautiful earrings and necklace set. Please tune in next month for another exciting giveaway and don’t forget to visit the blogs of all the participating artists: Jon Katz, Maria Wulf, Jane McMillen, Rachel Barlow and me.

April Common Thread Give-a-Way



Spring is finally here and even if the weather hasn’t managed to completely catch on to this notion, one thing is certain: it is a time for new beginnings. This April, we Common Thread artists are adding a new member to our group, Kathleen Nohe. Kathleen’s blog is Wearable Earth Jewelry .

This month Kathleen will be giving away a set of green aventurine earrings and necklace. According to Kathleen, “the stone is a gentle comforting and supporting stone. All round healer and calmer. It helps to stimulate emotional recovery and see alternatives and possibilities. It is good for those who need to step out of their comfort zones.” She calls it “a heart chakra stone, gentling balancing without causing turbulence.”

In order to win this beautiful set, just visit Kathleen’s blog between now and Wednesday evening. The winner will be announced on Thursday morning.

Please be sure to check out the other participating artists as well:

Jane McMillen, Rachel Barlow, Jon Katz, Maria Wulf and me.

Easter Puggies

Blog Easter Pugs

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

Journal Jam


My sister-in-law Gretchin and I are putting together a series of joint art and writing prompt classes that we are calling Journal Jam. We will be announcing the location of the first workshop shortly. In the meantime, we have both been working on our own journal pages. One of the prompts I love to offer comes from a book by Tristine Rainer called Your Life as Story. In it Rainer gives a prompt on How to be ________. The writer than offers a list of criteria describing how to be ______. Gretchin and I plan to use this prompt in our class and as an example I tried my hand at my own.

The night before I had been visiting Gretchin’s house where my three-year-old niece Ellie was dancing around in the buff. I decided to write How to Be Three-Year-Old Ellie Dancing. Here’s the result:

How to Be Three-Year-Old Ellie Dancing

Be Stark Naked

Lift Your Arms in the Air


Mold Your Hands into Tight Little Fists

Roll Them One Over the Other

Do Your Magic

Stare Up Into the Sky with a Smug Look of Satisfaction

Burst Into Song

Sing the Theme to Frozen

Twirl Again

Lose Interest

Walk Across the Room, Strutting like a Drunken Supermodel

Turn and Walk Back Toward Me

Shout “Hey Bee, Look at This!”

Twirl One Final Time.

I then went to work on my own journal pages, but as so often happens the preliminary sketches seemed better than the final result, so I experimented a couple of times.

One of the things I love about digital collage and one of the reasons I turned to working in that medium is that nothing every has to go waste. You can always use a “bad” photo or sketch and transform it into something else. I started to do so with one of the iphone pics I took of my sketch.

I had an older picture of Ellie and when I put them together it seemed as if the two were dancing. I am still working on the collage. This is just the preliminary piece. I’m calling it Shadow Dancers or Fairytale 699.

blog shadow dancing

I’m hoping to add a version of this to my journal pages as well.