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December Common Thread Give-a-Way


Just in time for the Holidays. As we envision peaceful Nativity scenes complete with donkeys and sheep, we can know that there is another peaceable kingdom out there amidst the bedlam—Bedlam Farm’s own donkeys, sheep, border collies and chickens. And, here are Jon Katz’s Peaceable Bedlam Notecards to remind you. There are 4 5 x 7 cards in the pack. To win, just visit Maria Wulf’s Full Moon Fiber Arts web site and leave a comment between now and Wednesday night. The winner will be announced on all the participating blogs:

Little House Home Arts

Picking My Battles

Bedlam Farm

Full Moon Fiber Art

Pugs & Pics.

And the winner is

Sorry this post isn’t very fancy but I am on the road to see my nephew graduate from bootcamp. More on that later. For now I would like to announce that the winner of my greeting cards is Mary Ann Cauthen. Congrats Mary Ann! If any one else is interested I will be posting the cards for sale in my gallery next week. And will be adding some new posts as well so come back and check us out. Also please check out the other participating artists at www.fullmoonfiberart.com, www.pickingmybattles.com, www.bedlamfarm.com, http://littlehousehomearts.com and of course www.pugsandpics.com

November Common Thread Give-a-Way

photo 1

Box insert

Box insert

I am this month’s Common Thread Give-a-Way’s featured artist. This month I am giving away a box of greeting cards with a Thanksgiving theme. The box features 8 blank cards—four of an ipad sketch I did last year called Home for the Holidays. It features a pack of dogs feasting on a holiday meal, and four cards of a pug dressed as a pilgrim and eating a stuffed turkey.

To qualify to win just leave a comment here on my blog between now and Wednesday night and I will pick a winner at random. The winner will be announced on Thursday morning. In the meantime don’t forget to check out the blogs of the other participating artists: Bedlam Farm, Full Moon Fiber Art, Little House Home Arts and Picking My Battles.

Once and Future Things: An Exploration of Girlhood

Next month, November 7th through December 3rd, my digital collages will be hung in my first-ever solo show at Radio Bean in Burlington, Vt. The opening reception will be on November 13th from 5 to 7 p.m. Curated by ONE Arts Collective, the show will feature 12 of my digital collages in a show entitled Once and Future Things: An Exploration of Girlhood. For those of you familiar with this blog and my work, the following explanation is probably not needed as much of it is offered in past posts and in the gallery section of this site, but for those of you who are new here’s an explanation of the show and some background on my work:

When you watch girls at play you can often catch glimpses of the people they will become. Like fairies and other magical creatures, the inner world of children seems to evaporate if it comes in direct contact with that of an adult. Still, with a camera lens there are ways to capture it, if you stay on the periphery and observe. With little boys who are typically all action and mugging for the camera, this is more challenging. Girls? They frequently have moments of stillness that offer you this chance. The quickness of the lens lets you capture what is so fleeting—images that hint at the future, of the women these girls will become. In these moments, when their secret world becomes visible, there is a maturity, a strength, and yet, also a vulnerability that can make adults uncomfortable. Simultaneously, we see in them both their innocence and the approaching loss of it. We know they stand on the cusp of transformation. To become a woman means to leave the little girl behind. While children long for the future, we look at them and long for what was. We see in them “once and future things.”

My digital collages have been describe as” hand-worked stories” and as a writer and photographer, I couldn’t be more pleased with this. They combine photography with hand drawing in pastel, crayon and colored pencil as well as digital drawing with Adobe Photoshop and embellishments such as embroidery and glitter. I create my collages in Adobe Photoshop using “recycled images’ that maybe weren’t picture-perfect as standalone shots, but work together to create a new vision of the inner word of children and also animals. Most of my digital collages frequently have fantasy or spiritual undertones. I use Photoshop to draw, paint and manipulate the image and then print it out to hand draw, paint and perhaps embroider or add other embellishments before rescanning the image into Photoshop. The finished work is a digital print on photograph paper.

My work has appeared in venues throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. I also work as a freelance writer and writing instructor helping others find their own unique way to tell their stories.

A few months ago, I connected with ONE Arts Collective, when I took part in one of their shows called Spirit Animalz at Burlington Beer Company and am happy to now be a member of their group. I am excited to have the chance to share my work with a new audience and hope all of you will spread the word and stop by to check out the show if you can!

It All Starts with the Children


It was a busy weekend. On Saturday I attended an Open House at author Jon Katz’s Bedlam Farm. Sunday, my niece Ellie came down and we went for a hayride at a local pumpkin farm where we got to choose our own pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Both days were quintessential fall days. The first filled with warm people, sweet song, and sun breaking through the slightly chilled air to create a picture-perfect day. The second? Perfect. How can anything be better than a hay ride through “The Spoooooky Old Woods” as my niece called it to a pumpkin patch to choose the perfect pumpkin? Both days featured beautiful girls and I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures to turn into future collages.

My niece Catherine

My niece Catherine